18, M, Looking for a gym and maybe a gym buddy

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    18, M, Looking for a gym and maybe a gym buddy

    Hey guys, I am going to be in HK (I live in MongKok) until the middle/end of August and I am looking to get into a gym as I really want to get in shape. Are there any really cheap gyms in Hong Kong that allow us to pay by the month instead of an entire year? The LCSD fitness rooms look like a good choice because they're cheap but I've heard that they have training classes there and the queue for those classes is super long. Also, I would like to search for a gym buddy as I am relatively new to the gym and would like to have someone to keep me committed and motivated.

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    I went to the LCSD fitness room today in Mong Kok (I guess you might of seen my post just below yours). You have to finish the classes and they take either 3 hours for one, or 11 hours of a personal trainer. Which is really annoying.

    While the gym has relatively new equipment (I was surprised), there isn't much there. I went at 3pm and the gym was full on all cardio machines. The weight area was free, but there is only 1 bench for dumbbell weights and no bench press (barbells).

    I think the gym is pretty limited and mostly only old folks work out there. So I decided not to join there right now. If you find anywhere in Mongkok that isn't an insane price, let me know!

    I was praying for a gym that costs 500HK$ a month or less that at least has a bench press so I can bench, bent over rows, overhead press and deadlift. I was going to figure another way to work legs instead of squatting as I think finding a gym with a squat rack for that price in Hong Kong is pretty impossible.

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    Hey there... I saw in your thread that you were going to visit the 24 hour gymanytime fitness today. How did that go? And how "affordable" was it?

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    I only just remembered to reply!

    The gym is quite far, around 40 minute walk from Mongkok station. It's quite nice inside and obviously 24/7, but it costs 1,500 for a month, which is still insane.

    I really wanted to work out for a month. I got told I'll know if I get my visa in 3 weeks and a few days. So may be I'll just wait and join a gym for 6 months or 12 months if I get my visa.

    Did you join a gym?

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    lol I haven't signed up for any gym. I guess I made up my mind on swimming instead as there are tons of public swimming pools in HK that are free and it's a really good way to freshen up in the summer. It's better than nothing. You're free to join me if you want to.