Yoga mats?

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    Yoga mats?

    I thought that I had seen some sporting goods stores around town with yoga equipment but now that I'm actually looking to purchase one I cant seem to find one. Any ideas?

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    Sign up at Planet Yoga then you get one for free ..
    (I got them for every time I renewed my membership.)

    If you want to buy in a shop you can go to:
    * Nike. You can find them in the Nike stores but also in Gigasport.
    * Adidas has also, but I've seen them only in the big store in Hankow Road (TST)
    * Dickson'sYoga and Pure Yoga have both a small store, I'm not sure if they sell mats but I think so.

    If you have a HSBC creditcard,you can use the rewardpoints to buy a fitness/yoga set. This set comes with a mat, blocks, cd and strap. (I don't know if the quality is ok)


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    The sports shop at the top floor of Princes Building has them, 5mm, 7mm, and the really thick ones. I have seen them in Wing On as well and occasionally in Parknshop (in DB I might add).

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    What is a good price for a yoga mat? I'm sure it can vary, but say you want something light to travel with, or something that will last. Are there round-about prices to aim for in these categories?
    And I didn't get a free mat from planet yoga.....I will be asking them why this evening!