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FFG Martial Arts & Fitness Centre

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    FFG Martial Arts & Fitness Centre

    Salesmen of the Year

    My wife was walking past the (nearly always empty) Causeway Bay branch and descended to enquire how much a simple membership would be. She's looking for membership to a Causeway Bay gym and reasoned if the FFG space was always empty why not check it out? She is also a trained kick-boxer and knows her way round a gym.

    The 2 sales guys outside were ridiculously unhelpful, and downright rude- unbeknown to them my wife also speaks Cantonese. The patronising pair decided that they could not be bothered to answer questions, give a tour or be remotely helpful. Their reply - this gym is probably too expensive for you! They then turned their backs and walked inside.

    I can't believe in such a competitive area as the Causeway Bay gym space FFG can be so blasé. last count their are at least 5 in walking distance of each other.

    Out of interest anyone a member of FFG?

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    I've been to FFG for a free trial of muay thai boxing. From the free trials given to me in other boxing studios, both chain and smaller ones, they do not spend 30 mins explaining to you about your health and about the gym, but give you the whole hour to try out the actual beginners class. In the free trial, I didn't get to try out the actual beginner's class and had another instructor teach me and my friend instead for half an hour. You can say it was good in that it was a more personalised free trial, but I would've liked to experience an actual class. <snip>

    The sales guy tried to explain the benefits that FFG offers which other studios don't, but I couldn't find one single difference.

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    If i'm not mistaken, I remember reading an article in the papers about one of the trainers here in the central branch harrassing one of their clients by giving them an unwanted 'hug'. The article was on SCMP / the Standard, but I can't seem to find it now...

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    FFG Martial Arts &amp; Fitness Centre

    I went for a trial lesson once at the central branch. They were super aggressive calling you afterwards, even when I have politely declined to join because it was too small and busy for me. They couldnt take no for an answer, kept calling me to join other branches even though I work in Central.