Beginner Friendly Airsoft

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    Beginner Friendly Airsoft

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm an expat in hk and a total beginner at airsoft. I'm in my mid 20's and I'm looking for a beginner friendly group I can play with. I have an AEG Tokyo marui M4 and a Glock 17. I've got a couple of friends who might be interested as well. Been looking around for a while. Super excited to finally be able to play a game. Any details on how to get started would be greatly appreciated. You can whatsapp me on 62939390. Thanks!

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    Jun 2017

    Hi all,
    I am new (french) in HK. I was playing Airsoft in France, and am looking for a team or group of frienfly/fun people to play in HK.
    Please contact me if you are sharing the same interest and search .
    Thanks a lot.