I've just received an email from a club, which is offering small group (4-8 ppl) improvers sessions at Pok Fu Lam / Wong Chuk Hang.

Each participant will be wearing a bone-conduction headset which is connected to the Coach. This allows us to give you real-time feedback while you are swimming. You will be able to hear us loud and clear while you are swimming, so that you can make any adjustments to your stroke as we deliver them to you, without having to stop and look up at us. This offers a valuable learning experience as we can offer you a lot more feedback on technique now due to the headsets. They are not earphones - they rest comfortably under your cap and offer good sound clarity so that you hear us as you would when your head is not underwater.

These sessions are geared towards individuals who consider themselves novice / beginner swimmers that can already swim at least 50m of something resembling freestyle. This is not a “learn to swim” session as the coach is not in the water. This is perfect for you if you feel you need a lot more technical advice (or those we feel need it!) and would rather work on the myriad of stroke improvements which we oftentimes do not have the ability to spend time doing in our regular squad sessions.
The whole course is $1200 / 4 sessions @ 60 minutes in total. I am thinking if I am going to sign up for this, because someone says that this price allows me to find a mid-priced private coach outside. However, the club offers "1 to 1" private sessions and video analysis sessions for booking, which is currently charged at $1500 and $1600 per hour respectively, which is completely out of my expectation (Some coaches I met currently teaches at $700/hour, and some clubs offer private lessons as low as $500/hour).

Therefore, I wonder if this price level is really worth the money, or else I may go to another place for lessons.