Hi everyone,

I'm new in town and want some practical martial arts - I could go with krav maga or kali preferably but would consider others. All my googling has shown a trend towards hugely expensive memberships to fitness centres and the like, and the only krav maga that doesn't is itself very expensive. I'll be working some changing shifts so there is no way I'm signing up for expensive classes only to miss the 2 hours a week they are on due to work.

I found a place called chriscollinsaction which may fit the bill (kali training 5-6 times a week) and wondered if anyone had any knowledge of the place? There has been a lack of action on the chriscollinsaction facebook which makes me think it may be defunct anyway.

Other than that any recommendations? I'm looking for a gym as well but have addressed that in another thread. I'm living very near the FFG place in CWB but think they are expensive and pushy and a bit too corporate. Plus their gym isn't very good.

Thanks in advance.