Badminton group (beginner level?)

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    Badminton group (beginner level?)

    Anyone interested in forming a beginners-level group to play badminton? I've seen a lot of groups for intermediate level and above, but not much for newbies. Live near Mei Foo and have access to clubhouse courts, but also willing to travel. Free on weekends/evenings, especially Sunday/Monday. Let me know if you're up for it!

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    Hi Mike,

    I would like to join you for badminton if you're still looking for people to play? I'm a starter/beginner, haven't played for a long time and like you said I've found it difficult to find a suitable group I can join!

    Let me know!

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    Sounds good. I left the game some 5-6 years back but think I could start again. Let me know if you are still looking for players, would love to join. Prefer weekends as well.


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    Yes, definitely still looking for people to join! If you send me a PM, I can make a WhatsApp group so that we can coordinate. If you know anyone else who's interested, definitely let them know as well.

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    Where do you play guys?Lai chi kok weekday evening?

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    Haven't set up any games yet, but I'm thinking Sundays, possibly in Lai Chi Kok/Mei Foo area. If you're interested, let me know!