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Volunteering for Scuba Diving

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    Volunteering for Scuba Diving

    Hi all!

    I have very recently moved to Hong Kong for work and will be here permanently now.

    I am a big diver and previously worked as a PADI Divemaster and deckhand for many years at a large PADI 5 Star resort in Turkey. I am also CMAS 3 Star qualified.
    I am looking to volunteer at a dive centre at the weekend. If anyone knows of any operators who would be interested or can think of somewhere worth me contacting then please do let me know Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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    Maybe look at Eco Marine Asia. They are dieheart about protecting the environment though, so not sure it's your thing. Also, there's a local guy named Harry Chan who does dives to clean up ghost nets. Perhaps you can look him up on Facebook and engage about helping him out. I would think most "volunteer" diving in Hong Kong would entail cleaning up the environment. Hope you can dive (or even just snorkel) around Tung Ping Chau one day. It's amazing.

    Also, I think it's the AFCD that organizes an annual amateur "scientific" survey of our reefs and you can usually find a group doing it to join.

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    Thank you so much for your reply Elegiaque. Lots of useful information there. I will be sure to check it all out. I am more than happy with clean up dives, I have ran a couple of PADI International Clean up days myself working with fishermen and coast guards which were great fun!

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    Harry was at this event last Tuesday along with a couple of hundred people from many different organizations. You'll find his name mentioned a couple of times if you wish to reach out to him...

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