Muay Thai gym close to Olympic area?

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    Muay Thai gym close to Olympic area?

    Hi all,

    Hope someone can help.

    I’m looking for a Muay Thai gym that’s local to me (The Long Beach, Tai Kok Tsui, Olympic).

    I’ve had a look on google and the ones I’ve seen are very expensive. I am very much an amateur but used to train in the UK and want to continue for fitness purposes only.

    I’m not looking for a state of the art facility but a good place with good trainers for a reasonable price.

    Can anyone recommend any?


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    Welcome to HK!

    Due to the outrageous real estate prices, schools gotta charge accordingly.

    Apparently, there's a famous one in MK. Should be one the cheaper side the last time I was interested in joint and did some googling. Don't quote me on it now though