The HKAFL (Hong Kong American Football League) will be starting it's 6th season this September!

It is a 5 on 5 non-contact co-ed recreational league. Players of all adult ages participate. Games are usually played in Happy Valley, some teams have veterans and some are mixed with absolute beginners who have never played american football before.

It's a fun outing, and usually many of us go out for drinks after and have a great time!

If you'd like to get a feel for what the season may be like, or get some exposure to the sport, there is an open practice being held in Happy Valley (pitch #6) at 8pm this Sunday Sept 2nd.

There are about 12 teams, and couple of them are fairly new and looking for more players.

If you have any interest in American Football send me a PM or just reply to the thread and I can give you further details.

FYI, this is not the geared league (the one with the helmets and shoulder pads), if you are interested in that, it's a different league, part of the China American Football League, with 3 teams in Hong Kong and 20 teams throughout greater China. I can get you in touch with some of the Hong Kong geared teams if that is your interest.