Buying sport supplements in Hong Kong, but no info about price and expiry date....

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    Unhappy Buying sport supplements in Hong Kong, but no info about price and expiry date....

    Hello Friens of Hong Kong,

    I have a little dilemma that I am trying to understand.

    Next week I am going to Hong Kong and I wanted to buy an American supplement (Met-rx Meal Replacement) which comes in daily packages which you take either all of or even just half of sometimes... My plan is to buy 6 boxes of a 40 pack - which is a total of 240 daily packets, which I would consume in about 8-12 months. And to do this I need to bring an extra suitcase from my country and bring it to HK, and then fill it up and bring it back with me on my flight back home.

    I did come in contact with BC Shops through their Facebook page, and they were not very clear in their response when I asked them about their stock and that I planned to buy 6-8 boxes of the 40 pack box. At first, they told me to contact the retail shops for inventory and gave me a not very clear screen capture of a list of their 11 shops in HK, which the telephone number was visible, but impossible to see which shop I was calling and what area...

    I then ask if they had a list of email addresses so I could reach them that way. In their response they told me that the shops would not stock a lot of this as it was not a "hot item", but was kind enough to offer to put on hold some boxes (not telling me how many), and asked me which date to come and pick up. I told him I was in HK between the 26th. September and 2nd. October, and that it would be possible for them to order more so I could buy the planned stock - and also told them that I needed to know the price. And that is when the shit hit the fan...

    They told me they could not give me a price quote for this online (they do not mention any stock or prices on their website either), and that they would only put boxes on hold for me. So I had to have a friend in HK go to one of their stores, which was near his job, and he found out there was a promotion sale of HK$620 per box, and the store clerk told him they could get 10 boxes of the 40-pack. So once again I contacted the shop through their Facebook page and told them I got the price and now know they have a stock of 10 boxes, but I needed to know the expiry date as I am going to use these myself, and do not want to spend a lot of money on a big order and the products will expire before I can consume them (within the 8-12 months...)

    Their reply was: "..... you request us to hold 6 boxes last time but now you have another request, sorry that we can't do what you request without any prepay."

    So, how can I prepay when I do not know the price, and on top of that have no clue if this stock has a long enough expiry date for me to consume it all before it is expired ?

    By the way, I have contacted another shop, in which I got a price when I called, but they were clearly tricking with the price by first giving me an overprice of HK$899 each, in which they quickly corrected it to be HK$ 799 - when normal retail price is HK is about HK$699.... And I am waiting for a reply from a third store that has promised to get back to me as soon as they have the information about stock and price...

    ...rant over... I need some advice guys... I know this is common practice that a price is not set when buying electronics and camera in those shady shops in TST, but this shop is a chain with 11 shops that sell real products (I hope...)

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    iHerb is easier, click click.

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    Thanks emx for your reply and recommendation to iHerb. But unfortunately I am not after the meal replacement chocolate bars, but the powder daily packs which iHerb does not carry. Plus I am on holiday in HK for only a week's time.

    By the way, I just got some really informative and friendly e-mails (with stock, price and expiry date) from the two other shops - Good Life Nutrition House and Nature's Village 樂健坊 - that also sells Met-rx in HK, so this negative and strange behavior from "BS.... I mean BC Shop might not be so normal as I worried about.