Info needed for the FIGARO women golf clubs set

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    Question Info needed for the FIGARO women golf clubs set

    Could really use some help here - my sister left me a big bag of this FIGARO golf clubs set and I know nothing about it. It has nine pieces, three gloves, and five boxes of balls as in the picture. I’d like to know what are these called, how much it cost or best if you could help me to find a link so that I can have all sort of details - I don’t even how to call these little thingy...
    any input is much appreciated!! million thanks!!

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    Doesn't sound like you will ever use these golf clubs, so my advice is to offer them for sale in the GeoExpat classifieds.
    IMO, if you can get HK$1000 that will be an outstanding result.

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    This is a small set, a full set is 12 clubs and you are allowed up to 14. I agree that you will be very lucky to get 1000HK for this, I don't think it will sell easily but you can give it a try.