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2nd Hand Bike (XXL Large)

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    2nd Hand Bike (XXL Large)

    Hello All,

    Apart from the classified ads, which ive had no joy with over the last 3 months. Can anyone recommend a place to buy second hand road bikes (high spec) for a tall rider (XXL large bike frame)

    Appreciate Asia/Hong Kong isnt ideal for buying large bikes and i dont really want to buy new due to the cost.

    Frame must be XXL (60cm+)

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    11,118, though you have to wade through a lot of vendor spam these days. Probably search for Facebook groups.

    High spec road bike in XXL though? You're likely to be looking for a lot longer than 3 months.

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    Best to get something the right frame size from CRC:

    Most of their gear works out cheaper, even when you factor in the shipping.