Underwater hockey: the “strange sport” comes into view in HK

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    Underwater hockey: the “strange sport” comes into view in HK

    Underwater hockey: the "strange sport" comes into view in Hong Kong
    "I don't need swimmers, I need singers," Mr. Ignacio said the physically demand when playing underwater is to "stretch lung muscle and increase lung capacity".
    "People of any age can join this sport as long as your body can accommodate," said Mr. Ignacio. The oldest player in the team is more than 50 years old, he said.
    "Playing underwater hockey is quicker for me to become physically stronger than jogging or any other sports that I played before."
    applying a pool was always a big concern because the underwater hockey was a non-Olympic game. "Hong Kong has an Underwater Association but the resources in hong kong were mostly given to those sports that are involved in the Olympic first,"

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    It's been around for a long time, I first played in the 70s. Definitely not a spectator sport. Many pools don't or didn't allow it because some of the pucks were metals and would damage the bottom.

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    I saw it is one of the sports in the South East Asia Games this year.