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Standard rate for Gym Trainers/coaches

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    Standard rate for Gym Trainers/coaches

    Hi all,

    I recently signed up for a membership at Goji studios, and am interested in having a trainer for the first month.
    They quoted me a "discounted" rate of $300/30 mins, and said that the "original rate is $1000-$1500", which I know is not true.

    I want to know, in well-established gyms (such as Pure Fitness, Goji, Physical), what are the trainer's hourly (or half-hour) rate for those who signed up this year?

    Thank you!

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    I don’t think there is a fixed rate... I goto Phydical and used to work out at fitness first. Everyone I talked to pays a different price.

    working out is best when you train with a buddy who knows what he’s doing. You won’t really master it without exercising at least 9 -12 months (exercise movement, diet, body part split).

    i doubt you would learn anything from those PTs. I have seen some really bad PTs

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    They quoted me a "discounted" rate of $300/30 mins, and said that the "original rate is $1000-$1500", which I know is not true.

    Why would you even consider getting personal instruction from an organisation that you know is flat out lying to you? That's not a good foot to start on.

    Anyone I've talked to about this has said something in the range of 700-1000 per hour in those gyms. I've not come across the idea of half hour sessions, and unless the trainer is extremely skilled and motivated, it's not long enough to teach much.

    I would recommend steering well clear of trainers in mass market gyms though. All the ones that I have seen have been terrible. Depending on what your goals are, you are probably better off looking for Youtube instruction for form (watching videos isn't ideal, but trainers here really are so bad that it's still a good option) and cobbling together a program off beginner guides on the internet.

    Watching trainers and their clients in gyms here is either comical or depressing- the clients end up doing a random assortment of exercises that don't really make sense or will lead to long term problems, and they don't learn how to exercise independently.

    If you're set on using a trainer, I'd recommend going to a serious training place and telling them that you need a set amount of sessions for learning form and a program to follow so that you can work out on your own. Or join a small HIIT type gym if you need constant supervision and motivation, but this last option is a lot more expensive than Goji.
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    They'll also find ways to get you on board with a personal trainer for more than a month, regardless of how determined you are at turning down their offer.

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    In HK mass market gyms, 700 an hour gets you someone who will happily chat at laugh at your bad jokes during the five minute rests between sets of behind-the-neck shoulder presses.

    Unfortunately I am not making this up. I've seen this in person.

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    Not a direct answer to the question but I recently bought this book

    And it's brilliant. Basically a (good) personal trainer's bible to correct form, targeting weaknesses and potential injuries (before or after) with detailed explanations regarding body mechanics.

    Whether or not you get a personal trainer it will help. And it should let you know if your PT is talking shit as he likely is

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    That's a good book recommendation, if want to keep it simple and effective for strength, just do the compound exercises from the book. Maybe a bit in-depth for a complete noob. The book doesn't detail a program as far as I remember, but you can put together a very, very simple program from the internet that will be far more effective than anything you see the wannabe bodybuilder bros doing in the gym. But you'll also be going against the grain and need to be confident enough to stick the the program.

    I did a couple of 1:1 sessions at the author's gym in SFO. That's why I made the comment about 30 minute sessions being too short. I spent the entire first hour working on squats. With really good coaching, my form went from pretty shit, to maybe average.

    Original Post Deleted
    Bit of trivia- last I read, Dorian Yates is now a PT at Ultimate Fitness in Spain. I wonder how much training costs there. Off memory, one of the old forum regulars used to train there.

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    My trainer is 800 per hour including the studio access. I've been with him for a few years. I find him excellent and have seen very good gains.

    My wife goes to a studio which charges 1000 per hour PT. She competes in CrossFit and thinks it's great.

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    Hi simpsjk

    I am a former rowing coach (International level) and have done many sports. Also going to gyms.
    Although I am not a personal trainer, I know a bit of what and how to do things.

    I can coach/train people on the rowing machine. One of the best, if not the best, way to increase your anaerobic condition.
    Rowing incorporate many more muscles, its calorie-burn is significantly higher than spinnjng (2x as many calories burned per 50 minutes!!). This allows you to get in a great workout, and complete it quickly.

    I am happy to not only teach/train you on the rowingmachine but also do some basic fitness exercises with a program.
    It all depends on what you want and any targets.

    I can charge HKD 250 p hr...


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    Don't go with any PTs in Goji and Physical. They are sales and will just try to part you with your money.

    A session should be at least 1 hour, but if you say its too expensive, they will cut it down to 30 mins to make it more affordable, but you are still overpaying for what you get.

    Don't fall for it. Don't make eye contact. Ignore them. As soon as you give any response they will keep on talking shit to you. Maybe get a few of their friends to come over as well.