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    Tennis Partner

    Anyone play tennis in Shatin/Fotan area. I haven't played for a long time. I wanna to re-pick up. Thanks

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    Hi. I am interested to practise with a partner.
    I am 45. Female. Just learnt tennis but is catching up with the techniques as I play squash and badminton.
    I am available to play in Kowloon area. Please whatsapp me if you are interested to play. I don't check this site regularly.
    My number is 94077357.

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    I'm also looking for a tennis partner, around Olympic area and surrounding.
    I'm around intermediate-beginner level (ie. can do basic rallies).

    Want to practice returning and if you want to practice your serve or rally, let me know.

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    Hi montytown. Thank you for the message. I am interested. I am taking some private lessons to work on my rallies skills. I will contact you in a few weeks, good to have a hitting partner. My number is 94077357 is case I logout from this forum.

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    hi tennis lovers, I am looking for intermediate levels players to join my tennis games. I am female NTRP4.0, I play in Shatin or Tai Wai area on weekdays. weekends play near kowloon tong area. Please message me if you are into games. 53335152. cheers.