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PPL License (Private Pilot License) in Asia

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    Question PPL License (Private Pilot License) in Asia


    I just moved to Hong Kong for work, I would like to know more about the PPL Licenses (Private Pilot Licenses) for recreational use. I have a few questions as a very beginner (just starting to get some information), but I would really like to get it in the coming years, and know how feasible it is.

    - What is the difference between a Hong Kong PPL and a European PPL, from what I understand I wouldn't be able to use it in Europe ? Would you recommend doing your PPL in Hong Kong ?

    - I saw people in Hong Kong seems to go the US, Europe, Australia, The Philippines, Maldives or Sri Lanka for 4 to 6 weeks to get their license. Are the rules for renewal easier (the expiry after 2 years if you don't fly for 12 hours), where can you fly with these licenses, what did you do yourself ?
    Any company you would recommend once border reopen

    - Once in possession of a PPL license, how long is it valid and how could I renew it. I understand some countries require a minimum number of flight hours every few years ? Are these flights hours or tests required to be done in the country you passed the license or can it be done abroad.

    - If you don't fly, do you lose your license, how difficult is it to get it back ?

    Thanks a lot for your answers,
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
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    Waste of time to have/do in HK.

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    Pick a country and go get a medical first. No point in wasting time and money look for flight school when you are unfit to fly. Also, you should probably go ask a pilot forum and not here. There is no general aviation here in HK. There is a flying club but you need to be a multi-millionaire to waste that kind of money and I am talking about in USD.

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