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    I am new to Hong Kong and am looking for either an indoor pool that has lap swimming or a Masters swim team to join. I haven't had any luck with previous threads but am hoping someone knows something! Please let me know. Thanks, Taylor

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    Taylor. When u work out where there is a pool, can u let me know too? I need to start swimming again... and been asking around too.

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    So I found 2 pools, One is called Morrison Hill Pool it is on 7 Oi Kwan Rd
    basically take the mtr to Wan Chai. It is a 50m pool indoors but bad thing is there are ALOT of SSLOW old people swimming so you have to dodge people, but I noticed on my way out of the pool there is a 25yd pool outside that was empty so I am going to try swimming there. Also In Kowloon, at Kowloon Park there is a indoor pool I believe 50m, I haven't swam there yet but it is on my agenda this week. If there are any swimmers out there who want to practice together let me know. I am from the US, I am a pretty good swimmer, not super fast, but pretty fast. Let me know, tay

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    Kowloon Park

    So I went swimming at Kowloon park , it is a 50m indoor pool. Really there is only one lane with a lane line and it is the "fast lane" which doesn't mean much around here. Again I was dodging locals swimming breast stroke but not as bad as Morrison Pool. But I guess we can't be picky around here.

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    I've just started swimming at the Morrison Hill pool. Ages ago I was a competitive swimmer, and I'm coming back to it as an alternative to going to the gym. I'd heard it was pretty dire, but actually it's fine; better than I'd expect from a municipal pool, and the locker room is larger and cleaner than the one at Victoria Park. I second the comments about dodging slow people in the fast lane. This is occasionally a problem. However, if you go fairly late, it's not too crowded. I'll keep going.

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    Best times to go?

    hey swimmers,
    when's the best time to hit these pools for the least amount of traffic? Sterlinglush, you said late, meaning late night or late mornings? Anyone swimming outdoors, i mean the beach? Cheers.

    I'm an expat from the states, intermediate swimmer, but only free, cause i do tri's and never bothered to learn the others, i'm lazy.

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    Never really understood the point of learning different strokes. To me it's like asking runners to learn how to run sideways and backwards... or with crossover steps. I guess you can argue that it allows for slightly different muscle use but frankly I think freestyle is the only one worth the time.

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    another option

    There is a 50m indoor pool at the SCAA (SOuth China Athletics Association), it costs like $100 for a year long membership (or did last time I joined) and then each time you use the pool it costs about the same as the government pools. The benefit is that you don't battle much with the locals, ie more room. The downside is sometimes it is closed as the whole pool is used for swim training. (It's in causeway bay, near So kam po and the stadium).

    Another option is that there is a masters swim squad at the cricket club on tuesdays and thursdays at 7:30pm which non-members can join. It is run by multi-sport, but I don't think its started up again yet after the winter break, give them a call to find out more.

    Hope that helps,