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    Cool Which Gym to Join in CWB


    So what Gym would people recommend in CWB ? We are relocating this month and both feel fat after Christmas, so would like to get fit ASAP.

    Happy to pay a little bit more if the place is nice, but of course dont want to blow our whole salary on a gym.

    All thoughts appreciated.


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    I've been a member of California Fitness and Fitness First(Excelsior) in CWB before. Although I wouldn't say I would recommend either one. They're just like regular gyms with nothing too special to point out.

    One of California Fitness's (CWB) downside is they don't have sauna/steam if you prefer them after a work-out.

    Fitness First Plus located in Excelsior Hotel tries to be on the premium side, but it's quite small. But they have all the basic equipments.

    I've checked out Physical, but seemed crowded when I went, probably because of prime time. There's also a gym located in South China Club, equipment and facilities a bit on the older side, but it's decent priced.

    Sounds cliche, but it's best to check them out for yourself and see if it suit your needs and if you like the environment.

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    I live in causeway bay and i recently joined California fitness. Good gym, has everything you need plus more, I recommend it.

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    Thanks everyone for your input ,,, see you at the gym !