Yoga: how expensive is crazy-expensive?

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    Yoga: how expensive is crazy-expensive?

    Looking for a good studio in HK to practice hatha/vinyasa. Anahata seems to have great teachers but fees are around $1100 a month on a year's membership. Any ideas if that's reasonable by HK standards? A friend suggested Yoga Limbs was far cheaper but just as good...


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    I don't know about yoga limbs but Anahata definitely has well qualified the class size is never big so you do get a lot of personal attention from the instructors. As for the price, it is on the high side but what you get is what you pay.

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    The Yoga Room in Sheung Wan has a special for two weeks and then if you like it you can join the pay for 6 months and get 6 months free. Classes very small. I am not sure how the long the special will be on for. They do Pilates, hatha, etc.. the phone no is 25448398 and the email [email protected] or
    I am in my second week and impressived. Goodluck

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    I wouldn't pay $1,100 a month. That's way too much. Even Pure which has some really good teachers (I know a few personally) costs around $700, I think.