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    match fitness

    So I'm not oblivious to the fact that being fit to playing sports such as rugby and football are not going to come overnight however, is there any form of training that can allow you to improve your fitness quicker.

    I mean yeah intensity and frequency are a given but any specific forms of training?

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    It really depends on the sport and position - football (American? European?) and rugby are two different sports that require very different motions and strengths.

    For rugby though, you need overall upper and lower body strength, but I feel that your core and legs are most important. Take a look at most (or all) rugby players' quads - they're pretty diesel. If you're a pack player, your lower body and core will help you drive and push in scrums and rucks.

    But the most important thing about rugby is endurance - bulk is not very helpful without the ability to tackle, be tackled, and repeat for 80 minutes without stopping.

    A combination of sprinting, lunges, ab exercises, wall sits are a good circuit workout.

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