Leisure Centre Gyms

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    Leisure Centre Gyms

    Anyone got any details on how to join one of the Government Leisure Centre Gyms?

    My local leisure centre is 15mins walk away, so there is more chance I'll use it, plus its cheap as chips!

    I asked one of the attendents and they said before you can use the gym you need to attend a briefing session then take an exam afterwards, but there is a long waiting list to get on the induction course.

    How long did the process take, is the course in Cantonese or English and details on the exam please?

    Seems a bit of a hassle, which restricts the use of the gym rather than actively getting the public to use it.

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    You can check this link for more info. The briefing is 3 hours and it covers the proper usage of gym equipment etc.
    Leisure and Cultural Services Department - Join the Briefing on Proper Ways to Use Fitness Equipment

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    the briefing is 3 hours????

    I believe the one I went only last 2 hours