Motocross in Hong Kong

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    Clear Water Bay (In Da Jungle)
    9,968 group go to the hills in the NT to drive their 4WD Jeeps, search for their videos on youtube, the track they drive on looks good for MX bikes as well.

    I did join up with this group but in the end never actually made to one of their outings. it only cost $200 to be a member and they usually have 2 outings per month. give them a ring and see if you can tag along with them on your bike.

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    Thanks Law, yes I believe there are a lot of tracks in China.
    To ride there you first have to get the bike smuggled into China, then you need somewhere to keep it and do maintenance on it, you need to take all your gear over the border each time and then bring it home ( or leave it dirty and wet where u ride and let it slowly rot away ) to clean and maintain it, etc etc. I believe the nearest track is about a 2 1/2 hour trip from where I live.
    A bit different to the 1 hour it takes us now, we do not have the time or the resources to ride in China.

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    Mx club

    Went to the mx club in sheung shui couple of days ago, i think it was really nice. I rented a galaxy 250 bike and it was actually pretty good. Loooots of fun!

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    The motocross guys are now in Tin Shui Wai.

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    yeah i heard they are doing some sort of show there! and its cheap to. should go check it out.

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    They should make the whole of tung lung chau island a dirtbike track that would be great.

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    Where can we find motocross gear in HK?

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    mx club moved to tin sui wai look on their website

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    For adults taking the beginner level ATV class will it be kind of lame since the beginner track is so small? Kind of curious about bringing a few friends to MX club to test out the ATV class (signing up for 2 hour session). Has anyone done this?
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