Well done USA. Best match ever

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    Well done USA. Best match ever

    Stayed up AGAIN and watched the Confederations Cup Final - Brazil v USA.

    Brazil took it 3-2 but really had to fight for it, winning in the dieing minutes. For a country that is embryonic in regards to footy ( translated - soccer ) it has to rate as one of the greatest finals every played.

    0-2 up at half time with Tim Howard ( Goalkeeper ) playing a blinder and immaculate one touch passing and great goals, the USA as a country should welcome them home as heroes. They didn't let their heads drop second half even when Brazil scored 48 secs after the restart.

    Yes - they only got three points from three games before the semis, then beat Spain ( who never seem to perform at any final stages ) and were all but written off because Brazil beat them 3-0 in the group. HOWEVER, if they can get motivated like they where today and play every game as if it was a final, then there is hope indeed for the upcoming world cup. Brazil had to score 3 gold plated goals with a basic game plan of put 9 guys in the box and mob it, to overcome them. It was the Yanks who played " the beautiful game " on the night with beautiful moves off and on the ball.

    Well worth the loss of sleep and hats off to them all from a neutral observer.

    FYI - South Africa scared the Spanish sh**less and only won in extra time for third place.

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    hats off to usa for thier performance but i believe usa's advantage at half time was because brazil wernt at the game. wen they came out in the second half, they stepped up the gears and usa couldnt handle brazil. brazil did play "the beautiful game" look at brazil's 1st and second goal, the skill and technique of fabiano to control and swival to score and the build up of kaka outpacing spector to get behind the defence thats beautiful