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Physical Fitness TST.....30's

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    Physical Fitness TST.....30's

    Seems like I am the only one in Tuen Mun going to that Physical...... or just I'm the only one living in Tuen Mun more like I hear you say!!!!
    So how about TST Physical? Does anyone need a gym buddy?...please read below my previous thread....thanks again

    I joined Phsical in July but haven't been yet!!....does anyone go and mind me joining?, just need a bit of moral support as I'm not good with new things....I used to go to Cailfornia but the TM physical always looks so busy and just would prefer to go with.....
    Needing to get back to the gym

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    If you intent to go physical fitness in TST it is the most busiest gym there and you need to bring your own locker. I have 2 membership from physical free which I have not used at all thats bec. the time is not synchronizing with my schedules. Their peak times you cannot go and their low peak times you are busy.

    Well I guess I can give you my physical and look for your buddies so that they can go with you. PM me if you interested to get the card from me.


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    Hey Jacky,
    Not sure how to PM...sorry! but you offer sounds brilliant.I presume this is not 'Pm ing' so let me know where to give you my contact details

    THanks again


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    just click on 'jackyine' at the top of her reply, and choose 'send a private message to jackyine'

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    Hey..thanks for that, I know it's a bit sad but I don't even own my own pc!!!LOL

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    Hey can some offer a referral for Physical, they have a propmotion and a referral has 60% discount...


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    I can refer you but Its pretty crap there...I heard CWB is the best location....dont go often myself but can go to refer......

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