Squash players?

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    I am interested in playing. I am definitely a beginner but am an avid tennis player. Let me know the next time you all are getting together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjaminlo:
    hey saxman and taurus 1976.
    I play squash and i'm trying to find people to play with. I used to play on the school team, but i consider myself at an intermediate level as well. i haven't played in a year now, but i pick it up really quickly. The both of you seem to live far away from me in Hong Kong. I live right by the Hong Kong Squash Association where they have courts and equipment to rent.
    p.s. If anyone else is interested in playing squash. feel free to contact me.
    Hey, I live in Tsing Yi (club house have squash court), and work in Cheung Wan/ Central area. I've only played squash socially and played in school team before. Would consider myself to be at an intermediate level.

    Free after 7pm weekdays (usually) and saturday before 3pm. How about a game?