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    cycling club

    as you already have your roadie here, probably best to try getting a cab/van.

    will send you a PM when i get back into shape, MB we can go for a spin.


    Thanks for the info DDF - will think about that cabbie thing and getting out to NT - seems crazy but maybe my only alternative to leaving my lonely bike in the box for the next couple years...jb

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    new territories

    intro to hk mountain biking

    haven't done mountain biking before and would like to try it. anywhere?

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    Tai Lam

    Hi all,

    I moved to Hong Kong not so long ago and am keen to start using my MB again. I have a 7-seater car (almost a van), enough room for 2 bikes, so transport wouldn't be a prob. only catch is that I might be too slow for some, I’m no super triathlon hero! I’m keen to start with the Tai Lam mountain bike trail, anyone interested?

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    Smile cycling club

    The only other option I can think of for cycling clubs is to join the HK Critical Mass group on yahoo groups...
    massridehk : Critical Mass Hong Kong

    ... and see if you can touch base and go for a few rides with them... the CM is quite small generally, but there's a few regulars in there that you can ride with outside the CM...

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    My alternative for a bike is a KHS F-20r. Its c. $8k, has small wheels and folds, Tiagra brake/gear set.

    Downside is the lack of stability in a standing climb.

    I can take it folded on the Central-TST ferry and KCR to Tai Wo, beating the opening of the bike rental shops.

    Even in a sitting climb I have taken it from Tai Wo to Fanling via Bridespool Rd (albeit more slowly than the "proper" roadies).

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