AirSoft Capital of the World... where to play?

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    Hey Mark II, I am a regular player myself, and do play with a group, but nevertheless, it would be good to join other team from time to time (if you don't mind, that is of course), do you guys have any site or FB group?

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    Hi Guys, Brit airsofter here living and working in Macau. I would really love to get back into it as ive been here for a year and not shot anyone (im getting withdrawal symptoms !!). Not too sure of the scene here. Is anyone organising any games soon. Would love to make this a regular hobby again.



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    Hi Frosty, we are having a game on the 8th Sat, 11-3pm, we have approx 28 ppl, and expecting up to 30, if you interested, please PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark II:
    If you are really interested or just slightly interested or just want to join a game to see if you like it, let me know. We have a team and we have at least a couple games every month, both indoor and/or outdoor, and even compete (and sometimes win) in local competitions. Out team is English speaking, meaning it is almost all expats or ABC's or CBC's, so no need to worry about the language barrier. And for new people we even have trained, experienced shooting instructors in our ranks so we can bring you up to speed. We're always interested in getting new people to join our sport.

    Oh, and you can also contact the person who originally started this thread. He's "one of us"

    hi Mark II.. i'd be interested to join your games if you have any upcoming. I am fairly new to this but have my own hardware.. i use a m4 gbb and TM Glock. I have a game upcoming on 20 Oct as well with room to spare if you'd like to join. Please pm me for details. Game is at w28 near Yuen Long. Mostly english speaking crowd with 20-30 something guys and gals in our group.

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    Hi markii I would like to join a game if there was one coming up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wincheng:
    Hi markii I would like to join a game if there was one coming up.
    Hey I'm hosting a game on the 19th if you're interested -->

    There's a full list of current fields here:

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    Anyone up for airsoft this January 2013? I'm new to HK and looking for group to play with.

    [email protected]

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    Hi airsoft sorry got your notice a little to late. Next time

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    Hi all,
    Please let me know if u would like to join airsoft game!
    Date is april 6, 2013
    Message me for details if ur in!

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    I'll play. New to this sport though. Let me know if anyone wants an extra person

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