View Poll Results: Do you wear a seat belt in a Taxi?

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  • Always

    26 70.27%
  • Only in the front seat

    4 10.81%
  • Only on longer journeys

    3 8.11%
  • Only if the kids are with me

    0 0%
  • Other

    3 8.11%
  • I never take a taxi...

    2 5.41%
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Do you wear a seat belt?

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    Ironically it has come full circle; when I was a kid in Hong Kong, I was punished by having to stand in the school yard with 30 other kids with our hands pulling our ears because we were CAUGHT RUNNING DURING RECESS. The teachers were fktards who didn't want to take responsibility for anyone hurt if they ran and fell so they BANNED RUNNING in an elementary school. And when I DID have an accident and hit the back of my ear against a concrete edge, they bandaged it up and quietly sent me home where my parents realized I had to go to the hospital to get stitches. Boy I tell ya if I ran into one of those teachers on the streets I'd let them have a piece of my back hand knuckle.

    Now it's the exact opposite; seems it's hard for humans to use balance and restraint.

    Quote Originally Posted by usehername:

    How parents can let their kids bounce around unrestrained here amazes me, especially considering how much they have 'invested' in them you'd think they'd be more careful to protect them.

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    I wear my seat belt except in taxi's unless he's speeding or on the highway.

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    You mean there is taxis that have seatbelts where the buckle isn't stuffed down in the murky no-mans land in the back of the seat or the belt isn't tied in a knot or on one occasion frayed through to about 2cm in width?

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