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exchanging car wheels

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    exchanging car wheels

    Hello everyone,

    I am considering changing my car's 17" wheels into 18" ones (the rims, not the tyres only) and I am wondering if there is any place around where I could perhaps do some kind of part exchange or another arrangement. Perhaps some 2nd hand parts online forum or whatever where I could sell mine.

    When living in Europe it was relatively easy to deal with these issues through ebay but it doesn't seem to be(I am not aware of) any kind market in HK for these. I would not like to end having 4 wheels sitting in my living room... :-)

    Just in case, the car is a porsche 996 with stock 17" wheels

    thanks and regards

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    try the other hk expat classified, though you have to pay for the advert, the fact Porsche market is very small in HK, it won't be easy to sell your 245/45/17" unless the tires are really new or the price is cheap, the fact that 245/45/17" tires are expensive ( probably HK2k each) and unless your ones still decent grip, then the alloys/rims are worth close to nothing ( probably a thousand or so)

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    I will do so, thank you very much for the advice.

    The four tyres are brand new, less than 1000km. The previous owner got them changed prior to selling the car: Michelin Pilot Sport 205/50/17 and 255/40/17

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    u could try navagting in chrome browser, lots of second hand parts on there.

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    that's great, thank you!