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Contesting a Road traffic Offence - Few Questions

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    Contesting a Road traffic Offence - Few Questions

    Hi All,

    Early November I received a letter stating that someone driving me car (it was me) did not obey traffic signals. No photograph, just the time, date and location.

    I cannot recall any bad driving and would be a safe driver. So I contested the letter and expected to get a photograph showing that I did in fact break a light or turn right without a green arrow - that type of thing. But no, the only option I have is to turn up in court if I want to contest it?

    Could they not just send me the proof and I will pay / not pay.

    Thanks for the input.

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    The letter will have a police report number. You may request the details ( in writing ) of the police report from your local station. If not given then when you turn up at court, you can inform the magistrate you cannot defend the charge because you have not been given the report to prepare a defense and they will adjourn the case until you do, or throw it out if the police offer no evidence.

    Do not just turn up and try and defend in a he said she said, the police win then.

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