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Really English speaking Driving Instructor...Can you help?

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    Really English speaking Driving Instructor...Can you help?

    Hi, I already have a driving licence, have had it for years, but have been riding motorcyles for the last few years, haven't driven a car for over 12 years and to top it all up... I come from continental Europe where all those years ago I drove on the other side of the road... So, I need to attend some manual car, refresher lessons to be able to drive on the right side of the road and to refresh my skills...
    I went to TODS, they told me yes, English speaker instructor available for manual car and my experience this weekend well... not much English to be able to answer my questions (he was lovely old guy, but couldn't help me much! They charge 285 for each private lesson by the way).
    So does anybody know of an English speaker instructor/school that can do some refresher lessons? Or is anybody interested in doing some refresher lessons? I live in Kennedy Town, I am female.

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    I saw a street advertisement just the other day about driving lessons but I can't remember anything about it. Thought it was unusual that the advert was all in English. Their address is in United Centre Admiralty, the same building which houses the Transport Department. If you go there you will see a few driving schools and could inquire about lessons in English. Can't help with personal recommendations.

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    go to below link , you will find list of instructors with language choice ...give them a call and talk to them for a while then you would be able to find better one..

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