Japanese Calligraphic Drawings of Cars

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    Japanese Calligraphic Drawings of Cars


    One of my Japanese friends is passionate about automobiles in his life. He is now in his retirement life (70yrs) and is spending his time by drawing his favourite cars with Japanese calligraphy brush. He is extremely good in drawing and as you can imagine that drawing these with a calligraphy brush is not an easy task. He does it with free hand and any small miss would result in waste of all his work.

    I would like to hold an exhibition of his drawings in Hong Kong but i am not a part of any car or bike communities in HK. Would someone let me know how i can get access to these groups? My point of interest is not to make any money but just want to help my friend broaden his passion and showcase his skills to outside of Japan.

    Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated! (Attached a couple of sample drawings).


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    There are no pictures attached to your message.....

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    i have no idea why the pics are upside down..i tried it multiple times by rotating the pics and the result is the same..anyways, the sample pics are like this. i would like to know if there is anyone interested in these kind of paintings and we can discuss more certainly.