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Michelin moto tyres, where?

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    Michelin moto tyres, where?

    I am looking to get a set of City Grip Michelin tyres, prefer a mom and pop type shop but will look at Motomart at lunch.

    The stock tyres in the rain can be likened to trying to stand on a bar of soap in the shower.

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    Tried their dealer search?

    Find Your Dealer / Buying Guide / Home -

    Does show our local Tin Wan guy (near Aberdeen but does not show if they stock those specific tires).

    I know what you mean by stock tires and soap .... delicate dance, driving last night in the rain.

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    Try Starbike, believe they are the authorized dealer in HK for Michelin motorcycle tires.

    Michelins don't seem to be very popular in HK for some reason though. I ordered my pilot road 4s online

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