I have just moved to HK from the UK and I am looking to buy a new motorcycle. At the moment I am considering buying a new Honda Integra 750 from Chun Kee motorcycles, or maybe a Kymco Xciting 400i new or used. KC Motors have a second hand one and I see Kin Lik motorcycles sell new Kymco's.
Can anyone give me any tips on going to the shops and getting the best price. Can you ask for discounts on the bike,insurance,extras like top box,helmets etc ?
I went into a Yamaha dealer last week and the member of staff looked at me blankly and seemed very confused when I asked "Do you do test rides ?" and I got a response of "No-one in HK does test rides.". It was also a struggle to get any info out of the staff, and was just handed a photocopied price list with a complete lack of enthusiasm.
I had a similar experience when furniture shopping, so it seems that buying in HK is alot different to the UK where staff are more eager to do business with you.
Any advice is welcome, thanks, Phil.