WTB porsche 993 or 964

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    Cool WTB porsche 993 or 964

    hi ive been browsing some hk used cars sites and most of them are outrageous expensive and majority are automatics,
    just wonder if there are any expats or people that are relocating or just need a big car that are selling a 993 or 964 ??

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    The best of the air cooled were exported from HK years ago to Australia so manual cars are few and far between. Finding a decent car takes a long time, sadly there's a lot of crap out there priced the same as the best examples. Saw a 993 a few months back that's owned by an expat who left over a year ago. He's priced it high and it needs 250K worth of work it's that nasty. Know someone who paid top dollar for a 964, actually an outrageous amount of money at a certain high priced dealer in Happy Valley and it turned out to be a pup that needed an extortionate amount spending on it.

    Saying that air cooled prices have gone crazy the world over not just in HK.

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    yeah maybe no luck,,, just in case anyone knows of something let me know