Is there a breakers yard in HK where I am not likely to be murdered?

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    Is there a breakers yard in HK where I am not likely to be murdered?


    I'm doing some forensic research at work and I need to basically rip out bits of foam used in car seats and analyse them in the lab.

    In the UK, I know breakers yards are the place to let yourself loose in old beaten up cars. I never did this back then coz I was too scared off by people saying its not a nice place for women to go to.

    Anyways, now that I'm here, and I desperately need some automotive foam, anyone have any suggestions as to where one can rip out bits of foam from clapped up old bangers, in a safe place?


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    there are a bunch of wreckers and scrapyards along Kam Sheung Road in northern NT (between Tai Po and Yuen Long). You could try there.

    Easiest way to get there (if you don't have a car) is #64K from Tai Po/Tai Wo or #51 from Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower).

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    there is a shop in Kowloon Bay near Megabox (you will pass it on the Shuttlebus from KB MTR to Megabox) that has used car parts stacked up in racks (doors, body panels etc)...not sure if they have stuff you could rip apart however, but maybe they throw out some stuff...likely murder-free zone

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    THanks for the advice guys, will deffo take it up. Its not that far from where I work in Kowloon Tong I guess, it shouldnt be too bad. Cheers, Soph