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How to get motorbike insurance on learner permit?

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    How to get motorbike insurance on learner permit?


    I have my learners permit for the motorbike and would like to sign up for insurance to buy a bike and get some practice. Anyone know some agent/agency I can get in touch with? It doesn't seem to come 'off the shelf'.

    I know it will be more expensive etc during the "L" period but I'd like to practice.

    I also read the other threads on this topic but they are several years old by now.

    Thank you

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    email sabrina: [email protected] and see if she can help, she is insurance agent.

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    Follow-up question,

    what at is the process to get riding?

    Is it:
    1. License
    2. Buy a bike
    3. Insurance
    4. Register bike

    How do I get the bike home when I don't have insurance or registration? Or do they have some sort of transfer registration like when I bought a car at home?

    Thanks again

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    u need license ( at least pass part a and B ) then u can buy insurance for your potential purchase..

    usually along the lines of negotiate bike - pay deposit get copy of registartion documents..

    buy insuarance ( call sabrina )

    meet at Transport dep - show remaining deposit to vendor. do transfer of doc hand over cash..