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Learner Motorbike Restriction - Wu Kai Sha to Central

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    Question Learner Motorbike Restriction - Wu Kai Sha to Central

    Hi All,

    I'm planning on getting my motorcycle license and hold a normal driver's licence.

    In terms of getting to and from work (Central) from where I live in Wu Kai Sha, are any of the roads on that route restricted for Learner's and has anyone done this route before?

    The restrictions I've read from previous posts include the expressways and the tunnels between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Based on the Transport Department's map, Sha Tin Wai Road would prevent me from getting to Central.

    Are there alternative routes and how long does it take on average?

    Link: Transport Department - Expressways and Trunks Roads

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    you want to ride a motorbike from Wu Kai Sha to Central for work on a Learners license???

    From Wu Kai Sha to Kwun tong you can do on the small roads but thats the furthest you will get as you wont be allowed to go through the tunnel, also you cant ride your bike during peak times from mon-sat.

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    No idea -- but you can avoid a tunnel by taking Tai Po Road from Ma On Shan over to Kowloon. Perhaps you can park at a MTR station and go one stop into Central. You must take a tunnel to get from Kowloon side to HK side.

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    I agree with above comments.

    On how long it usually takes (I live 5mins away from Wu Kai Sha), it really depends on the time of day. I've been in Central from home in 30 minutes by car but that's before 6:30am (I supposed it would be the same after 11pm) weekday. Do you have experience on a motorcycle in another country and only taking the local licensing because they won't let you do the transfer from your home country? It's not a pleasant ride for someone who is "really" a learner, better take the whole exam and get the P plate at least and then do some weekend early morning rides to acquaint yourself with roads first.

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    I like your enthusiasm about riding bike to work! But assuming your work has normal working hours of 9;00-6:00 you can't do much about it as; yes you have road restrictions, but you also have time restrictions!! That means you can't be on the road from certain times, these times are mostly during rush hours. I've asked transport department before. I think it's from 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM and from 6;00 PM - 9:00 PM! Hope it helped you! Just wait till you get your full license, which would be probationary for one year.

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