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My experience of learning to drive in Hong Kong...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shri:
    I've read somewhere on the forums that in some cases the US drivers license might be renewable online or remotely. Checked with your state DMV? (Again - its been decades since I had a US license. No clue how it works anymore).
    Thanks again. Will take a look, although I doubt I could do that as I don't have residency or any link to the US anymore. I was just in a working visa at that time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gataloca:
    Does one need to pass the written test in order to take driven lessons?
    I haven't driven for more than 10 years, and used to drive on cars with the steering wheel on the left side (USA). I would like to re-learn to drive, and specially get practice on parking (had never be good at going backward). I don't need a HK driver license, and I just want to learn for the future.
    You have to start all over, from the beginning even to take driving lessons in HK.

    1. register for written test
    2. take test / pass written test
    3. get issued with a learners license
    4. book driving lessons

    But if you've no wish to get a proper driving license in HK then doing the above is pointless. Wait till you go home back to your own country, probably a lot cheaper as well
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