If you are a Learner driver, who have a bike (I guess cars would do as well) and live in Kowloon/New Territories. If you explored all the roads next to your house and learned the test roads as your live depends on it. If you would like to gain some riding experience, but afraid to miss "No learners"

or "Expressway"

signs. Here are some routes I've created for myself, which could help you to stay in the legal boundaries, while allow you to feel the thrill of the riding experience.

1. From Tai Kok Tsui Rd ride via Castle Peak Rd, after Tai Chung Rd junction keep left (2 lanes), then ride all the way to Tuen Mun using Castle Peak Road (New Tai Lam) -> Come back the same route.


2. Circle ride: Lai Chi Kok Rd -> Tai Po Rd -> Lung Cheung Rd (make sure you switched lane to Kwun Tong to avoid Lion Rock Tunnel) -> Kwun Tong Rd -> Tseung Kwan O Rd (make sure you keep left to avoid going to the tunnel) - Pik Wan Rd -> Lei Yue Mun Rd -> Kwun Tong Rd -> Prince Edward Rd -> Lai Chi Kok Rd.


3. Bride's Pool

To: Tai Kok Tsui -> Tai Po Road -> Tsing Sha Hwy -> New Territories Circular Rd (when reaching exit 2A, make sure you use it, as this is the beginning of Expressway) -> Lok King St -> Lok Shun path -> Tsun King Rd -> Tai Po Road -> Nam Wan Road -> Tai Po Tai Wo Rd -> Yuen Shing Rd (at this point just ride straight until you reach the destination).


From: Few things to note, at Tai Po Road (Yuen Chau Tsai) right after the round about keep right to avoid going to expressway. When travelling on Tai Po Road (Sha Tin), when you reach exit 1, make sure you use it to avoid going to the tunnel. Keep right (2 lanes) to avoid going to another tunnel. When you reach Ching Cheung Rd, keep left and use exit 14B. After reaching Tung Chau St, keep left to avoid going to expressway. Last part of the route uses West Kowloon Corridor (!), which was banned for learner riders up until December of 2019 (if you check google street view, the restriction is still there). I don't know for sure if it is official or the "No learners" sign was removed by protesters, but I enjoy heck of that last piece of the route


4. The following ride I scheduled for CNY, so its verification is pending. I will add more details, once I done riding it.

Circle ride Sham Shui Po -> Lung Cheung Rd -> Clear Water Bay Rd -> Po Lam -> Kwun Tong Rd -> Prince Edward Rd - Sham Shui Po.



Here are some resources I used to make a decision to ride on these roads:


From the above resources I made the following conclusions:
- Learner rider must drive only in the time specified in the first attachment.
- Learner rider must not drive on the expressways.
- Learner rider must not drive on the roads, which are prohibited by the "No learners" sign.
- Learner driver can use highways and trunk roads, as long as the above rules are followed.
- Learner driver can drive with the speed up until 80, as long as the roads he is driving on satisfied to the above conditions.

I made quite a lot of research and I could not find any more evidence, which prove that above conclusions are false. If anyone knows about more rules and restrictions, which are not mentioned here, please share your source.

Thank you and hope the above info will help some fellow riders.