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Long term car storage

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    Long term car storage

    I have recently acquired a private garage with 16 spaces in Mid-Levels, and want to get some feedback on my plans for the space.

    There seems to be a large number of Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis in different car parks covered in years of dirt, and can only imagine that they would require significant attention to make them drivable. We want to provide a service to these owners.

    I am proposing a bespoke, concierge level service for specialty car owners. Cars would be kept washed and waxed, as well as maintenance such as oil changes will be performed. Vehicles could be delivered and picked up at the customers apartment. Cars will be stored in a climate controlled environment, so no mold or mildew. We could arrange for repairs with a specialty garage we have teamed up with. We are working on a relationship for shipping and receiving cars from overseas.

    In addition, the garage has a spacious showroom that will serve as an event space. You would be able to showcase your car in the glass front window, or hold gatherings with other like minded enthusiasts. The showroom is more like a museum than a car garage, complete with a turntable and a 20 foot glass window facing the street. This is the ultimate place to take photos of your special car, or to start a weekend road trip with your significant other.

    The idea is that if you have a specialty car that is only driven every once in a while, we will take care of it and attend to all the details so you can just get in and go. If you leave Hong Kong, we can manage to store it, ship it, or sell it on your behalf.

    I am looking for some feedback if there is an interest in this service.

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    You need to find a posh banker group or a local 100+ millionaire group.

    I suspect the expat bankers downgraded after that last one killed a parking attendant.

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