Hey guys I'm planning to get a Moto License in Hong Kong and reaaaaly eager and excited to hit the roads once I successfully(?) get the L and the full license later.

Thanks to the forum I was able to find enough good constructive resources and articles about HK Motorcycle information. However still one thing remaining and difficult to decide and probably need your guys advise..

I'm in the stage of picking a driving school (Mostly between HKMC vs Lee Kin) and read lots of comments between HKMC (Expensive, simple routes e.g. Ap Lei Chau, rumors say they fasten the process) vs Lee Kin (Less exp, complicated routes, you can rent a bike for pract).

My 1st preference definitely is to get a faster process from end-to-end where as price comes second - However the threads I've read are quite out dated (back in 2018 to 2008).

Just eager to know who had the experience lately as in 19' or even this year for pursuing the license? any range you know for the latest price range (for HKMC vs Lee Kin) + average time to complete the road-test?