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Car accident, what's the best way to go forward?

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    Car accident, what's the best way to go forward?

    Yesterday a car rammed into the side of my car, breaking my side mirror and causing notable dents and scratches to the side of my car. I was willing to settle the matter privately but the third party decided to scream and shout and try to blame me so I called the police instead. Police came, took a report of the incident and traffic police should be in touch for my statement/version of events (I have a my dashcam which clearly shows he suddenly rams into me).

    I called my insurance provider who have sent me a claim form etc. However, they will not allow me to repair my side-mirror until their person looks at it and they can't tell me how long that will be. So what I want to know is, what do you think my best option is here.

    1) Wait for the police to contact me and see if the third party is willing to settle this (is this even still possible?). If yes, should I go to the garage today and get a quote for the repairs?

    2) Is going down the insurance route the best option now?

    3) Any other option?


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    Your insurance company should have a list of authorised repair centres that you should be able to go to.

    If you’re 100% sure the other party is at fault, you can ignore your insurance company as they won’t be the ones to pay you.

    You can go to your original dealership who can refer you to someone who will give a quote. I forget the term for that person (surveyor?). Anyway, the surveyor will issue an important document that is “proof” of the cost of your damages. You then go ahead and repair where you want and wait for the other party’s insurance to pay up.

    You May have to wait two years for the money, but at least you can start driving ASAP.

    IF YOU ARE NOT 100% sure, or you don’t want to foot the bill upfront, you will have to play the game your insurance company pays out for you.

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    I am 100% sure the third party is at fault. My dashcam clearly shows that I am driving along at a steady speed, leaving the appropriate space between my car and the one in front. Then, you see the third party car come into view. It stops, then slowly creeps forward and a second later it hits me.

    With the dents and scratches I am ok waiting. It's just the side mirror. I actually have an appointment with my dealership today so I will bring up what you have said and ask about the 'surveyor'. Thanks bud.

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    Though I may wait for the official police report before commencing any repairs myself, just in case. Though again, I am 100% confident that my dashcam shows clearly that I am not at fault.

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    Did you show the Police the dash cam footage?

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    You got dash cam?

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    You may genuinely believe you are not at fault. But quite honestly, you are biased. You need an independent third party to confirm you are not at fault. So you should post the dashcam here on geo and then if geo users confirm you are not at fault you should be good to go .

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    That's a great idea! Can you please explain in detail how I can post a video here. Thank you for your help : ) I look forward to your reply : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveinhk4now:
    That's a great idea! Can you please explain in detail how I can post a video here. Thank you for your help : ) I look forward to your reply : )
    Make a YouTube account and just upload the video file
    Then post the link here on geo.

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    Upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox or any place.
    Then pay the link to your video here.

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