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2024 How to get China D/L as a HKPR and RHP

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    Cool 2024 How to get China D/L as a HKPR and RHP

    Hi all,

    I am looking to get a China D/L. I am HKID PR (3 star) with HK D/L and return home permit - but as an ABC, cannot read the Chinese websites on how to do this. I have read the previous 2023 post (extremely useful - thanks!). Any ideas on the steps/processes to get the China D/L? Are there any agents who can help to guide me? I understand I need to go to Shenzhen and take the exam - but no idea where or how to get there. TIA to all who respond with their knowledge!!

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    If you have a Home Return Permit you don't need to take an exam in Shenzhen. However, you do need to visit in person.

    Not long ago, agents had various ways to exempt yourself from making the trip via their connections with other smaller cities in Guangdong province (I renewed my license during Covid for HKD $2,800 when traveling wasn't possible, and now my license is issued from Huizhou). Not long before that they could even help HKPR (but not HRP holding foreigners) obtain a China license through Hainan Island. Unfortunately neither of these options are currently on the table.

    My last discussion with the people at Lee Kin just weeks ago has the price at $1,700 for a Chinese license and which requires a visit. They will arrange transportation for you within Shenzhen: you meet rest of group at the border, and someone will help you through the day's process. That includes a BS health check (basically to see that you can still breathe), and then a trip to the license office (at a local PSB). It's more for the formality that they need to see you in person - it's not for an exam.

    Collection in person isn't necessary.

    You can WhatsApp Lee Kin for more details: +852 9022 6699

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