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Swedish -> HK Driving License Complications

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    It was still valid yes
    same as you my FR license has a code on the back that shows it comes from an exchange and they must know that the exchange doesn’t require any driving test

    Good luck with that bureaucratic nightmare

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    Well just an update from my side.

    Ive asked a few people (People who have been in similar situations, and some agents that do the license exchange process for you)

    Im basically getting 50/50% answers.

    Half are telling be because the license was a transfer license and has a code "70" on it indicating this. The TD will reject issuing me a HK license because I technically didn't pass a test in the issuing country. Even though if you read my first post in this thread I did many many years ago.

    The other half of people are telling me it will work, im over thinking things and just go in and get it done. They said it's super easy and wont be a problem. But a lot of these people did their exchange many years ago like 5-10 years ago. And from what i understand things have got a lot more strict lately. One guy even told me when he did it, he walked in waited 30 mins and walked out with his HK license the same day. Which obviously is not how it works anymore.

    Im torn about what to do.

    If I submit my license as is, and they deny it im pretty much out of luck. And I will be in the record with that license and the fact that the transfer over was denied.

    Option two is to fly back home to the EU and try and arrange some kind of a "voluntary" driving test. And then try it when i have all the documents etc. But this is gonna be expensive and time consuming.

    I just wish getting a license in HK was a bit of an easier / faster process. As I would gladly do it here all over again. But from my research it takes like a year or more. And even then you only get a probational license and need to wait another year to get a real / full drivers license.

    If anyone out there has ANY advice. Suggestions PLEASE let me know.

    This is literally taking over my life and causing me a ton of stress.


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    Just go an apply, how many peple do you think actually have a swedish license that has a code 70 on the back and tried to get a HK license. very slim to no chance u will find such a person in HK.

    Just suck it up and apply, either way u still cant drive in HK and worrying about and that is absolutely useless.

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    Option 1: Go on in and just apply because gov system is not that sophisticated and don't 'black-list' anyone... they might reject but give you reasonable methods to supply additional info/re-apply...

    Option 2: Don't apply and just stay off the road so there is less traffic for me...

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