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    hey long beard,

    you should only have to pay the licence fee when it needs renewing. i just mentioned it, as it is a good bargaining point to know what it is worth when trying to agree on the value of a bike. to transfer the licence you just fill out 100 forms and pay $250

    guiguitche, thanks for the post - I'm loved! wow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dropdedfwed:
    i think you need a HKID before you can register a vehicle in your name, but i could be wrong there.


    wrong… !

    I don't have my ID card yet and I can do… with your passport it's enough. Anyway, you must change your vehicule registration after the reception of your ID card
    the HONG KONG gouvernment has thinking about everything ! They provide you a paper (at the driving licence department - admiralty) when you ask for your HK DL…