Where to find inexpensive Trenchcoat/Pea Jacket?

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    Where to find inexpensive Trenchcoat/Pea Jacket?

    Dear All,

    Where can I find a cheap Trenchcoat or Pea Coat? I found somewhere in Mong Kok on the street which had them for around 300. That is actually a fine price but I'd rather shop around and see other options before I commit. Also, It would be nice to see if they have other styles. I went to hollywood centre and all they had were suits, I couldnt find a pea coat or trenchcoat.

    Thanks for the help!


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    where in Mongkok did you see them? I usually get clothes from shenzhen or guangzhou, but they can't seem to quite get the trench coat right! What makes in worse is their XL size is about the same as an aussie M!!