As this forum has been of great help for me, I have decided to sign up and share my experience as well.

I moved to Hong Kong a bit over 3 months ago for a 6 month internship as part of my university degree. For work I commute from Tuen Mun/Gold Coast to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Here my rough monthly budget:

Rent: 6.000 including utilities and internet (expat flatshare around Gold Coast)
Transport: 750 after fare subsidy (KMB monthly pass, few other bus, ferry trips)
Mobile: 100
Food: 3.000 (lunch out on workdays, breakfast & dinner at home)
Entertainment: 1.000 (swimming pool at clubhouse, occasional beer at a pub)

All together that’s 10.850/month

I‘m glad to see there’s so many free things to do... I usually head to a beach, go hiking, take a bus some place I haven’t been and wander around etc. on weekends without spending much.