Good furniture shops out there?

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    Good furniture shops out there?

    Will be moving soon to HK, looking for okay quality furniture companies in HK island? not the IKEA type but probably better in quality, heard from a friend in HK *********, any others so I could compare pricing?

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    Pricerite is in my experience is an IKEA wannabe.

    I suggest you head over to Ap Lei Chau, to go through few furniture shops.

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    Do you guys know of any places that sell good chesterfield sofas?

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    Horizon plaza in Ap Lei Chau.

    Tequila Kola is my favorite.

    They also have a shop called Tree, expensive although cheaper than Tequila Kola, but I think their quality is not as good as Tequila Kola.

    A few local and other furniture shops inside.

    They close early (6pm-ish), plan at least half a day there. There is a good breakfast place inside and pet store too.

    If you are not keen to spend full price, take note of some items and search the expat forums on various websites to get leaving expats brand name furnitures. Usually they sell for 75-90% off retail price.

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    There was an ad for a new furniture shop along the escalator in Central last month. It had really good prices. I can't remember the website - any other geoexpatters know the one?

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    Best bet is in ap lei chau south horizon plaza, they have more than a dozen of furniture shops there for your picking.

    On the stretch from causeway bay to happy valley, there are a couple of furniture shops too.

    Or if you feel adventurous, you could go to shenzhen, where there are some furniture malls, the designs would likely be similar to that of european designs but I can't guarantee the quality, but they will be much cheaper.
    Search for shenzhen furniture malls, and you should find some.